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06 Oct 15 19:09:48 EST
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 Item: 3G Apple iPhone - [6779]  Auction Details
3G Apple iPhone
Highest Unique Bid : Cancelled
Bidding Fee : FREE
Retail Price : $199.99
Our Max. Price : $1.99
Start Time : 09 Jun 08 16:42:00
Restricted Time : 16 Jun 08 03:30:00
Closing Time : 11 Jul 08 22:42:00
Reserve Bids : Cancelled
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3G Apple iPhone
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 3G Apple iPhone Description  Related Auctions
The new 3G iPhone is the hottest gadget of the summer. It's now faster than the orginal iPhone, features GPS, internet, e-mail and much, much more.

3G Apple iPhone
3G Apple iPhone


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